Ride to Remember


Tuesday, July 27th, 2021*

* Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year's event is the online auction only.

The Ride to Remember started with a conversation in Lorne's driveway.

It is important for us to keep Brent Foster very much alive and with us every day. It is this ride that enables us to move forward with Brent's legacy. We only have so many stories to tell you about Brent, all of our pictures remain the same - stopped in time. But thanks to this event we have new stories, new pictures and new memories with Brent.

This is a Ride to Remember all of our loved ones. There are many families in our group suffering a loss. Brent was the catalyst for the ride, but it is a very individual event as we all have our own experiences and memories of loved ones. Hopefully this is an avenue to remember and honour the spirit of who they are in a positive way.

We all have busy lives, so much so that days turn into months turn into years. As the old saying goes, this is a day to stop and smell the roses.


Brent Brian Foster


Early in the morning on August 4th, 2007 we answered the door to two uniformed police officers who informed us that our eldest son Brent was killed in a car accident. It was surreal, unbelievable and then shocking. Brent would have turned 21 on September 12th and headed off to Southampton, England for his third year of University.

Our family was devastated by the loss of Brent. He was the eldest in our family of three children. A leader in the family, he had a bright future… but on that day … all the hopes and dreams we had for Brent perished. He had a lot to offer this world; it was such a loss.

Brent was always active and enjoyed sports and music. Hockey and golf were the mainstays along with skiing, wakeboarding and snowboarding. Brent was self taught on the guitar and was in the midst of writing his first song. As a child growing up he was an avid fan of the Simpsons, so much so that his elementary school principal called him “the human version of Bart Simpson”.

A unique, integral part of what made our family whole, Brent will be dearly missed but we can only be thankful for the time we had.

If you listen to the wind, you can still hear him play.

All proceeds raised at the Ride to Remember are donated to Bereaved Families of Ontario Durham Region (BFO). This chapter deals specifically with child loss.

I will never forget that morning … it is etched in our brains for eternity. We were very fortunate for all the support we were given, but sometimes it is just not enough! Meetings are a special place where members feel free to talk about their children, who have passed and all of the emotions they are going through. We all experience a multitude of emotions: disbelief, anger, guilt, sadness, regret and loneliness! With guidance and reassurance of members who are further along in their grief journey, gradually - sometimes over a period of many months or several years - find a “new normal” and begin to rebuild their lives.

Bereaved Families of Ontario – Durham Region is a non-profit organization which has been supporting families in the Durham Region (and more) for over 20 years. This organization provides support programs to bereaved parents & siblings where they can learn to live with their grief, decrease their sense of isolation and help adapt to everyday living. BFO-Durham facilitates the development of self help / mutual aid support services and resources for families with a unique focus on the death of a child.

When a child dies, grief can devastate a family. This program was initiated in 1978 by four bereaved families as a self help, mutual aid program under the auspices of the Chaplaincy Department of the Hospital for Sick Children. Their mutual support of one another grew to welcome and include others who were also experiencing this life shattering experience. In July 1984, the organization became a provincial body made possible by a grant from the Trillium Foundation.

Grief comes in one size, Extra Large
If we tuck it away in the bottom drawer where it never sees the light of day
It remains exactly the same.
On the other hand, if we wear it, feel it, talk about it, and share it with others,
It is likely that it will become faded, shrunk and worn,
Or will simply no longer fit.
When grief has served its purpose,
We are able to recognize the many gifts we have gained.


The silent auction has ended.

Winners will be notified after auction closes.
Payments by E-transfer or PayPal. Items to be picked up in Uxbridge.


"I’ve been out to the last two rides and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Very well organized with a beautiful ride, great lunch break and fun bash at the end with prizes for just about everyone. It’s a perfect way to donate to a good cause and get a good ride in with a bunch of great people all at the same time. I’m coming out again this year and bringing friends.

Thanks for putting on such a well orchestrated event and raising money for such a worthy cause."

- Ian MacTavish

"The Ride to Remember Brent is always a great day for all. It is a well planned event that consists of a relaxing scenic ride mixed with the right amount of refreshment stops to stretch the legs and chat with the many good people who participate. It is also an opportunity to contribute to an organization that helps families in times of need. My wife and I always look forward to this ride each year."

- Randy (Uxbridge)

"The day is sunny and warm as bike after bike arrives at the Tim Horton's parking lot. The corral of two wheeled machines evokes passer byes to take a second glance. The t shirts are then handed to each rider and the area becomes an orchard of orange. The procession of bikes departing Uxbridge and along the carefully planned route is something to behold as you look back at some of the scenic bends in the road. I can only imagine how the Foster's feel when they view the ribbon of orange just ahead of them - All riding for a cause, some riding in memory of their own personal loss, others riding in memory of Brent. A great, memorable, experience not to be missed!"

- Dana Hewson

"Many beautiful things cannot be touched or seen, they are felt in the heart.

What you've done for BFO Families is one of them. Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts."

- Sharon
(BFO Board of Directors and Families)

"The ride is a time for us to remember and share stories of our nephew with other people who knew him, listen to their stories and learn more about who he was. Every year we learn more about who Brent was, his achievements and how many people’s lives he touched. It is also an opportunity to introduce him to others who did not have the pleasure of meeting him.

For us, the Ride to Remember is not a day of grief, but a celebration of the joy that Brent brought into the hearts of all he touched. At the end of the day, we walk away with smiles as if we have spent the day with our loved one.

We always feel touched by the many individuals and businesses that sponsor and donate to the event, as we know how supportive the BFO has been to our family members. It is a truly wonderful cause."

- Jeff Pennock

"What a great experience to be involved in the Ride to Remember in loving memory of Brent Foster. The ride has a fantastic route with great scenery and is well organized for a relaxing biking tour through the different towns in southern Ontario. The tour around Lake Simcoe was fabulous with a perfect place to stop for lunch at the Orchard Beach Lakefront Bar & Grill looking out over the lake from the patio. Last year's ride included wonderful entertainment and loads of prizes, especially the great items included in the silent auction. Speaking from a fellow biker's perspective, this is a ride you don't want to miss and it's for a great cause. Each year, I have riders ask me about the pictures that I have hanging in my office at work showing the sea of orange shirts riding down the highway and they want to know how to get involved. It's great to see more and more riders join this wonderful summer ride. I remind my fellow riders each year to please share this riding experience with their friends and families to continue to support this fantastic annual event. Don't miss this great opportunity to enjoy a super ride and wrap up the day enjoying entertainment and prizes."

- Rick Sears

Just wanted to congratulate you on a job well done! When we started the ride leaving Uxbridge I had an overwhelming feeling of emotion to be part of supporting a great cause. As you're aware we can relate to the loss of a child. The ride and day was amazing. Every rider being courteous of each other. Looking forward to next years ride.

- Thanks, Nelle Lombardo


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